Leadership Team

Driving the success and growth of your projects.

Trey Willbanks

Trey Willbanks is President of Willbanks & Associates as well as founder of its subsidiary, Willbanks Contractor Support which launched in 2013. With a vision to create a sole source system responsibility from “planning to performance," Trey is fully responsible for all operations, providing strategic leadership, establishing long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies and insuring cost-effective management of resources. He is enthusiastic and tireless when analyzing where the company will go next, paying particular attention to the implementation of new processes and technologies that continue to expand upon the companies’ “new approach” to an old industry.

Mark Risha

Mark Risha, Vice President at Willbanks Contractor Support has been with the company since its doors opened in 2013. With over 20 years of professional experience in the boiler service industry, Mark is heavily involved in the company’s daily operational goals and initiatives. He consistently evaluates the effectiveness of the company’s servicing approach and helps develop the strategy and tactics necessary to WCS’s continuous success. He oversees the quality and delivery of its products and services — managing and directing business proposals, sales actions, project management and personnel.

Ernie Donnelly

Ernie Donnelly has 36 years of experience in the boiler service industry. He is responsible for supervising service technicians, ensuring routine maintenance of equipment, and that the system is properly executed, while enforcing safety procedures on all systems. Ernie is a Texas HVAC license holder.