Willbanks is your local source for Intellihot tankless boiler systems. Since the beginning of our partnership with Intellihot, Willbanks has become an expert in the sales, installation, and service of their Gen 1 iQ series of commercial and industrial boilers. Willbanks looks forward to connecting new customers with Intellihot's brand new line of fully connected, tankless boiler systems. If you're looking for a high output, on-demand water heater, there's no better source than Willbanks and Associates.

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Tankless Water Heating Systems

Achieve maximum efficiency with Intellihot's commercial water heaters. Their units allow you to conserve space by eliminating the need for redundant heaters/boilers and reducing or eliminating the need for storage tanks. Intellihot's boiler systems operate up to 40 percent more energy efficient compared to traditional heating methods. And, as a result, commercial properties can dramatically minimize the cost of water heating. When savings really matter, Intellihot's commercial, tankless water heaters are the smart solution.

Save Space

Save Energy

Eliminate Downtime