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Auto Draft Inducers

Draft Inducers are used within venting systems on gas fired appliances. Draft inducers are required for longer runs of venting.

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Burners attach to various types of boiler vessels. Water tube, fire tube, and cast iron sectional boilers all typically utilize a separate power burner to create hot water or steam.

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Extended Warranty Packages

We offer prolonged warranties on equipment in addition to the standard warranty on new equipment.

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Fire Tube Boilers

These are boilers that pass hot exhaust gasses through one or many tubes surrounded by water in the main vessel. The heat energy of the gasses produced is then transferred into the water and steam is generated in the upper portion of the fire tube boiler. This type of boiler is used in many commercial and process applications for high-pressure steam needs. Typical facilities that would utilize this technology include, but are not limited to: hospitals, universities, breweries, prisons, and process industries.

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Hydronic Specialties

Accessories for hydronic heating systems include expansion tanks, converters, air separators, pump discharge valve and suction diffusers.

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Plumbing and heating systems utilize pumps to flow water through piping for heating and distribution. Buildings with elevators utilize sump pumps to extract waste and oil from sump pits. High rise buildings will typically use booster pump systems to push water to upper floors in order to distribute water to plumbing fixtures at a specific pressure.

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Steam Boilers

Steam boilers are used to produce steam in facilities requiring a higher temperature heat source than hot water is capable of producing. They are used in applications where steam is required.

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Steam Generators

A steam generator uses low water content to produce steam at various pressures as well as within 3-5 minutes. This allows owners to turn the generator on and off; controlling when steam is or is not needed. This results in lower fuel costs by not having to operate the equipment on a consistent basis. This type of equipment is mostly used for intermittent steam production.

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Various tanks available include: storage tanks, buffer tanks, and expansion tanks.

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We supply galvanized B vents, AL24C stainless steel, and polypropylene vent piping for all boiler categories.

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Water Heaters

Commercial facilities generally utilize water heaters to provide hot water for showers, lavatories, kitchen equipment, and laundry facilities.

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Water Tube Boilers

These are boilers that circulate water through tubes heated externally by firing through the combustion chamber. The fuel is burned inside the furnace, creating hot gas, which heats the water in the steam-generating tubes. Water is converted to steam within the upper drum assembly to which the water tubes are attached. This type of boiler is typically used in high pressure steam industrial applications where major load swings occur.

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