Hot Tips for Boiler Maintenance

One of the most important but overlooked systems in a building consists of an elaborate maze of gauges, pipes, and wires in the basement whose function it is to provide hot water and a warm environment. Through proper operation and regular boiler maintenance, equipment can last a very long time with minimal issues.

Boiler room maintenance can be conducted by both building staff and expert service technicians; however, problems may arise if the building staff attempts to do the job of the experts. Complex heating equipment makes use of technology that takes years of training and on-the-job experience to adjust and repair, so it’s best to rely on trained professionals to resolve boiler issues.

1. Daily Maintenance
There are several areas like fuel supply, fuel oil strainers, boiler water level, and smoke detection equipment that need to be monitored through a daily inspection by building personnel. Make sure that all closed valves are reopened after cleaning the fuel oil strainers. Knowing how much water and how often water must be added or removed from the boiler is critical because water loss can directly affect the longevity of the boiler. Maintaining a log of these conditions will ensure optimal performance and anticipate any potential problems well ahead of time.

2. Weekly Maintenance
Blow Downs
Every week, building staff must check boiler pipes to eliminate any sediment caused by oxidation and age-related deterioration. When the piping reaches a point of severe wear and removing the sediment is no longer a sufficient solution, it’s time to replace it. To prevent premature rusting and the deterioration of drain valves, building staff should regularly remove water that accumulates inside the valves.

Draft Controls
Air flow is another area that should get weekly monitoring from building personnel. A boiler system should be equipped with the ability to control the air that flows through the boiler. Too much air flow will decrease the boiler’s efficiency, while insufficient air flow can cause soot formation in the equipment.

Boiler room ventilation is another crucial factor that contributes to a boiler’s performance. To facilitate the flow and manage the amount of fresh air that aids in the boiler’s combustion process, exhaust fans and louvers are to be placed strategically inside the boiler room.

Sump Pump
The sump pump located underneath the boiler system should also be inspected weekly and always kept clean. This device is responsible for preventing flooding in the event that the boiler develops leakage. Testing this pump involves filling it with water and making sure that it efficiently empties the water; otherwise, it should be replaced.

3. Expert Maintenance

Water Treatment
A professional boiler service company can implement an effective water treatment program that would greatly reduce the occurrence of oxidation in the boiler water feed. Boiler maintenance experts know how to manage the amount of oxygen in the water so that rust doesn’t form easily in the pipes and valves, thereby extending the lifespan of the boiler system.

Burner Maintenance
Only trained technicians have the ability to conduct a burner overhaul, which involves complete disassembly and thorough cleaning. Expendable components such as electrodes, gaskets, and nozzles should be replaced with brand-new ones, making sure that the specifications are exactly the same.

Fuel Tank Cleaning
No degree of fuel oil quality can ensure the perpetual cleanliness of a boiler’s fuel tank. Once the tank’s fuel supply reaches a considerably low level, have the fuel tank serviced by a professional tank cleaner. The fuel gauge lines should be inspected and cleaned, and the fuel lines must undergo steam cleaning.

In selecting a boiler maintenance provider, keep in mind that every boiler is different – some need more extensive logs than others. That said, Willbanks Maintenance Contracts offers a variety of packages that will meet the unique needs of your company’s boiler room system. Get in touch with any of Willbanks’ boiler support team members to know more about how to choose the right maintenance contract for you.