Willbanks & Associates Hosts Lunch & Learn Event with Chief Boiler Inspector of Texas

Willbanks & Associates hosted a lunch and learn event on Wednesday June 29th with guest speaker Rob Troutt, Chief Boiler Inspector of Texas, to educate contractors, professional engineers, and boiler installers on the new Texas boiler laws and regulations. Over 80 professionals attended the event which was held at the Cadillac Bar in Houston.
Willbanks & Associates hosted the event to inform local industry professionals about the recent Texas boiler regulation and installation law update that went into effect February 15th of this year. The presentation covered the changes to the laws and rules as well as an explanation of the new forms and their requirements.

“We take it as our job to educate our clients on the ongoings of boiler codes,” said Trey Willbanks, President and CEO of Willbanks & Associates. “We want our clients to be prepared when taking our equipment and installing it in the field.”

Troutt’s presentation discussed the new laws and rules and the responsibility that installers and engineers must take on as a result. He also walked attendees through the new boiler installation report, manufacturer’s data report, and the temporary operating permits that accompany the new codes.

“I’m hoping everyone walked away with a better understanding of the requirements with regards to boiler installation reports and temporary operating permits and what’s expected,” said Troutt. “A lot of these changes are coming about because of new technology that is allowing for boilers with higher efficiency. With the technology change, the rules have to change to accommodate that technology,” he continued.

Tim McNulty, owner of Texas Draft, also spoke at the event, discussing the proper ventilation of boilers and water heaters. He walked attendees through real-life examples of chimney and ventilation mistakes and discussed the results of those mistakes as well as how they could have been prevented.

“New technology in boilers is requiring chimney systems and venting systems to become more accurate and precise,” McNulty said. “These systems are becoming a science and need to be looked at as a physical system. I hope people walked away with the idea of how important proper ventilation is for safety.”

The lunch and learn event concluded with a question and answer session to further clarify the new rules and laws, and to make sure everyone left with a strong understanding of the changes. Willbanks & Associates plans to host additional lunch and learn events with Troutt to further industry wide understanding of boiler related policies and procedures.

“We’re looking at doing another event here in Houston, one down in the valley, and one in Austin,” said Troutt. “I’m also looking at doing another event with Tim McNulty in Dallas-Fort Worth.”

Finally, a raffle drawing was held where several soft coolers were given away to attendees. For more information on Willbanks & Associates and their products and services, please visit www.willbanksinc.com.

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