Willbanks Contractor Support Turns Up the Heat at Sam Houston State University

Premier boiler and wet-side mechanical system solutions company, Willbanks Contractor Support, leads heating system retrofit at Sam Houston State University (SHSU). The new system will replace an outdated boiler system and support proper distribution of hot water to campus facilities. The project kicked off August 2015 and is slated for completion mid-December.

Having relied on an aging central plant heating system for hot water distribution to nine facilities on campus, SHSU contacted Willbanks for a solution. The Willbanks team along with a team of engineers, electricians, and building managers, developed a process that constituted the removal of the outdated central system and replaced it with nine dedicated boiler systems, one exclusive to each individual building.

“The replacement of outdated boiler systems is critical when you are considering capital projects with strong ROI. We are honored to have been selected as the support solution for SHSU. Through strategic system design and increased efficiency, we have significantly reduced both capital and operational costs — we have supported the growth of a Texas legacy,” says Trey Willbanks, President of Willbanks.

In addition to energy savings, the new system is designed to dramatically reduce standby loss by eliminating the old cross-campus distribution piping, providing a consistent and reliable supply of hot water to each building while saving on total water consumption. The Willbanks team, led by Mark Risha, VP of Boiler Service & Retrofit, has overcome several engineering, architectural, and structural barriers.

Willbanks Contractor Support is committed to the complete system lifecycle of the new boiler system at SHSU — supporting application, design, installation, start-up, commissioning, and preventative maintenance.