Our passion is creating an elevated customer experience; we engage people, boilers, and business differently.

With people we care | With boilers we innovate | With business we are your partner

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These values define who we are, how we work and how we treat others.

Think Forward

What got us here, won’t get us there. Challenge the status quo. Anticipate.

Lift Up

Encourage. Educate and elevate. Extend a helping hand.

Do Right

Do what you say. No Bullshit.

Be Great

Good is the enemy. Be the exception. Rise above. Go beyond.

Bring Passion

Love what you do. Motivate. Inspire. Have fun.

Improve Today

Be better. Make the world better.

Our History

We are a 3rd generation family business founded in 1977, from humble beginnings in Carroll and Gwyn’s living room. Though the beginning of Willbanks was in the late 70’s the events that ultimately led to the company’s conception started much earlier.

In 1947, Al Whittel invented a new heating concept in his garage in Southern California. This was a revolutionary idea consisting of a copper fin-tube heat exchanger and a mod snap Honeywell valve. The result was instantaneous hot water known as the Instapak. This cutting-edge combination led to massive growth for a small boiler manufacturing company called Raypak.

Years later in the late 1960’s our founder, Carroll Willbanks Sr., began working as the VP of Sales for a Houston based company named Jim Stephenson and Associates that represented the Raypak line. As they began facing succession head winds in the late 70’s, Carroll’s entrepreneurial spirit saw an opportunity for a partnership directly between himself and Raypak. With his family huddled in their home (Gwyn – Wife, Garey – Son, Greg – Son), he called Raypak and asked for the opportunity to represent their product.

The CEO requested two things, he come up with funds to start the business and that he fly to the Raypak Corporate Office the next day in California. Carroll made the journey unknowing how he was going to come up with the money or what the result might be. When he returned to his family later that week, their home on Sage Valley Drive became the official headquarters of Willbanks & Associates.

The business that Carroll & Gwyn started in 1977 has gone on to become one of the largest commercial boiler sales and service agencies in the United States.

For 45 years the business has been stewarded by 3 generations of the Willbanks family guided by shared values, grit, determination, and the entrepreneurial spirit. We continue to value our brand, our people, our customers, and our vendors. Over the years our business has grown, our industry has changed, but our passion for boilers and customer service has stayed the same. We love what we do and look forward to serving Texas’ commercial boiler service needs for years to come.



Willbanks and Associates founded by Carroll and Gwyn Willbanks. They ran this business successfully through the next 10 years dominating the 1980’s multifamily development boom.

Company Purchased

Brothers, Garey and Greg Willbanks, purchased the company. As an economic downturn changed the market, they transitioned the business into a primarily replacement focused organization.


Needing support in the San Antonio market, the Willbanks brothers partnered with Glen Johnson and started Heat & Treat to service the city of San Antonio.

Teal Systems Founded

Garey and Greg founded Teal Systems to own and operate commercial heating and hot water equipment on long term contracts.

New Member

Trey Willbanks joins the organization.

New President

Trey Willbanks takes on role as President and assumes operational responsibilities.

Raypak Rep Firm Acquired

Willbanks & Associates acquired the Austin based Raypak rep firm from Mike Willenborg. This officially expanded Willbanks into Austin which is now the fastest growing city in the United States.

Boiler Service Integration

Willbanks founded Boiler Management of Texas which went on to be Willbanks Contractor Support. Willbanks integrated a fully capable boiler service company to better support its customers with rapidly changing technology.

New Member

Cole Willbanks joins the organization.

Largest Distributor

We are the largest distributor of commercial hot water boilers in the United States. We are committed to breaking industry and cultural norms by providing holistic solutions that reach beyond the expectations of a traditional rep agency.