Boiler Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance of your commercial boiler system and water pump ensures you are maximizing your system's efficiency and reliability and extending the useful life of your equipment.


Reliable Boiler Maintenance In Texas

Routine commercial boiler maintenance ensures you’ll catch and resolve minor problems with all parts of your system, including the water pressure booster, before they become major emergencies. Beyond minimizing the risk of potential safety issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s an intelligent way to extend the life of your boiler and cut down expenses over time.
When you enter a boiler maintenance service agreement with Willbanks, our experienced Technicians will perform a full assessment of your entire system. We’ll then address any issues needing immediate attention and provide recommendations to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your commercial boiler and water pump.
From there, we’ll continue caring for your equipment like it’s our own, handling every aspect of proper boiler maintenance throughout our agreement. Ultimately, our goal is to save you money on excessive energy costs and reduce emergency boiler repair, preventable downtime, or premature system replacement.

Your Boiler Maintenance Service Plan

Regardless of what type of facility, commercial, government, or school, we recommend having your boiler serviced once every quarter: three operating inspections, plus a more in-depth annual inspection and cleaning. Willbanks offers recurring boiler service agreements on either a quarterly or annual basis to make it easy to keep up with routine and annual boiler maintenance.

Our recommended quarterly boiler maintenance service agreement includes:

3x Quarterly: Operating Inspections

We recommend operating inspections three times annually. An operating inspection involves thoroughly inspecting and testing your boiler system to ensure everything is running smoothly, ensuring any potential issues are caught promptly, diminishing emergency boiler repairs.

1X Annually: In-Depth Cleaning & Inspection

We recommend performing a thorough boiler cleaning and inspection every year. In addition to all the services included in quarterly operating inspections, the annual service inspection will consist of a complete boiler shutdown, disassembly, and comprehensive cleaning of your boiler system. This will be accompanied by a full assessment of the boiler room, water pressure booster pump, piping system, and all associated tanks and equipment.

We offer unique inspections tailored for copper fin-tube, modulating, and fire-tube boilers.

Is your boiler due for maintenance?

Willbanks technician performing an inspection as part of routine boiler maintenance service.
Willbanks team member with boiler inspection checklist.

Boiler Maintenance You Can Trust

Here at Willbanks, we pride ourselves on our expertise, our hard work, and our no-bullshit approach.

As a family-owned company in our third generation of ownership, we understand the importance of life cycles, which is why we always prioritize finding long-term solutions rather than taking shortcuts. Whether you’re an owner, a contractor, or an engineer, we’re committed to going above and beyond for all our customers. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships that go beyond a single project.

From ensuring your operation’s requirements will be met to ensuring your boiler room is in compliance with Texas boiler regulations, our expertise positions us to anticipate potential issues before they arise. We take ownership of our work and never take shortcuts, and we believe the quality of our service speaks for itself.

Looking for a boiler company that’ll care for your equipment throughout its entire lifecycle?

Industrial and Commercial Boiler Inspections

Here at Willbanks, we pride ourselves on our expertise, our hard work, and our no-bullshit approach.

There are two types of inspections your boiler system needs on a regular basis: A state inspection and a service inspection. They may seem similar, but they’re not the same. So what’s the difference? 

The easiest way to remember is that boiler service inspections are part of your ongoing maintenance plan, and can be conducted by any boiler service company. State inspections need to be conducted by someone from the state, and they are required for all boilers that are used in commercial, industrial, and any other public facility that produce steam, hot water heating for use in comfort air heating systems, and hot water supply for use in domestic water systems. 

Looking for more information on routine and annual boiler inspections?

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