One of the biggest safety risks associated with boilers is carbon monoxide exposure. Carbon monoxide (or CO) is a clear, odorless gas that can quickly become fatal when inhaled. 

Various problems can cause a boiler to release CO – inadequate airflow due to improperly installed venting or failure to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance of your boiler are among the most common culprits. 

Keeping up with proper preventative maintenance for your boiler and ensuring you’re in compliance with Texas boiler room code requirements will not only extend the lifecycle of your equipment and help avoid costly repairs and legal fines, but will also prevent dangerous – or potentially even deadly – safety risks.

What to know about Texas boiler room code requirements

The most recent update to Texas boiler room code came in September 2020 and is meant to mitigate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from boilers. 

Specifically, the law mandates that all newly installed boilers (greater than 200,000 BTU) must include a carbon monoxide detector with a manual reset and interlock system. The interlock system is a safety feature that disables the boiler’s burners when carbon monoxide levels rise above the designated threshold of 50ppm.

The law also requires that the CO detector be calibrated regularly – at least once every 18 months, or as recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions. You’ll need to provide records of when your boiler’s CO detector during your annual boiler inspection. It’s a good idea to keep these records posted directly on or near the boiler so the state inspector can easily access them. 

How do the latest Texas boiler regulations affect me?

Installing a carbon monoxide detector that meets the requirements above is only legally mandated for boilers installed on or after September 1, 2020. That said, we highly recommend following these boiler room safety rules regardless of when your boiler was originally installed – the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning simply isn’t worth the risk. 

If you still need to install CO detectors in your boiler room, or if you need help with regular maintenance of your boiler to prevent carbon monoxide buildup and other boiler room safety concerns, Willbanks can help. 

We offer recurring quarterly or annual boiler service agreements that make it easy to keep up with routine preventative maintenance of your boiler and ensure your system is up to Texas boiler code in preparation for your annual inspection. 

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